Annex Home Standard

March 18, 2016No Comments

Annex Home Standard Annex housing certification is Australia’s leading certificate for housing access and usability. Follow the links for planning and development applications. here Annex home standard is a client-centered method to achieve quality housing outcomes for families. Annex spans international frontiers to enable people with creative freedom to plan design and build healthy safe…

BCA Alt Sols Alternative Solution and Performance Solution

March 7, 2016No Comments

BCA Alt Sols Alternative Solution and Performance Solution A performance-based solution to the BCA is an alternative solution or alternate method of meeting building law. The ABCB has launched the following two new YouTube clips on Performance Based Design and BCA Performance (a.k.a Alternative Solutions).

Urban Health

March 7, 2016No Comments

The quality of our urban design and built environments has a major effect on the prevalence of lifestyle related conditions such as diabetes and depression and an urban health check using health planning criteria is the best way to communicate the health benefits in new development. In design, we partner with with the…